Mr. Petrit Rexhepi established Previsa shpk in 1992 in Tirana, Albania. With the concept of family run business at it’s core, he established a wholesale distribution warehouse that within 10 years became a top 300 company in Albania.

During this period Previsa secured several brands for exclusive distribution, such as Swedish Match, Arnold Andre, and candle manufacturing. In 2001 Previsa expanded the enterprise and created a wholesale and distribution branch in the Kosovo market with exclusive representation of global brands such as Colgate and Palmolive. In 2008, thanks to the assistance of Dr. Prof. Pleurat Rexhepi (oldest son), Previsa also secured the first Authorized Reseller certification for all Apple Products in Albania.

After a very successful, yet demanding 20 years as a businessman and entrepreneur, Mr. Petrit Rexhepi was forced to resign as Chief Executive Officer of the company due to health related issues. Mrs. Perije Rexhepi resumed all responsibilities. Under her leadership, their two sons, Dr. Prof. Pleurat Rexhepi and Mr. Visar Rexhepi were also established in key roles within the company. Bringing a fresh eye perspective to their corporation, the company philosophy shifted to future investments, while retaining their core ventures. Previsa broke ground for the construction of a 2000 m2 logistics center in the heart of the industrial region of Tirana.

In February of 2018, Mr. Visar Rexhepi took over the company and shortly thereafter established a modern day corporate structure for management, updated the distribution strategy, and expanded into manufacturing of various plastic products.

Previsa remains a privately owned corporation with over 40 employees based in the newly completed logistics center. In addition to the Headquarters, it also operates a 1,000 m2 product warehouse, a fleet of transportation vans, a plastic injection molding factory, a candle manufacturing facility, an Apple Authorized Reseller, and continues wholesale and distribution of a catalog of Domestic and Imported products.


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